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Shall I Review My First Book? I Think So!

My first book review…perhaps a long time coming given my career. Again, just like in movies, and in life, I’m drawn to the supernatural so I would like to review one of my favourite spooky stories. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill.

I put a link to my library’s copy of the book on the above book cover but I’m sure it can be found in most public libraries.

This book was the perfect ghost story. It was a relatively short read but super creepy! The sense of dread and menace  were very effective. The book was published in 1983 but is written as though in Victorian times.  I realize that not everyone will agree with me and this is, after all, my opinion, but I consider myself to be a bit of an expert in the genre and this was one of my favourites!

It tells the story of a young solicitor by the name of Arthur Kipp who attends the funeral of Mrs. Alice Drablow. As part of settling her estate of Eel Marsh House (really!? Do you really want to stay at an isolated house with a name like that!?) he experiences some rather unsettling events. I won’t say anything else as I’m sure you get the idea!

This book will certainly gain much more attention now that there’s a movie coming out starring Daniel Radcliffe. If the movies ends up being half as good as the book, it will be scary indeed!

I hope you give this book a go…you might even enjoy it!