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Librarian Without a Library

Is a very sad thing indeed! I’m spending my days taking pictures of spiders that have set up residence in my mother’s house. Or taking pictures of my broken nails and complaining of toast! Today we went grocery shopping and that was my highlight for the week. Although I am seeing Beethoven tonight (not a date, mind you, but seeing his 7th Symphony with my mother). I’m also dying my hair black again…don’t ask! Hoping for some job interviews but just playing the waiting game…how self-pitying this post is. Please feel free to disregard :)

On the bright side, I’m starting to think about and write an article with the hope of getting published. If any good can come from being unemployed, that would be it!


Morning Musings (and the Trouble with Toast)

Okay, so this morning I was making my son some toast. I keep the bread in the freezer (for obvious reasons) and when trying to pull apart two pieces of bread that were frozen together, well…look to the picture on the left. That’s what happens when you’re too enthusiastic prying bread apart! Consider yourselves warned!

I’m not normally the kind of girl who cries over broken nails…but it’s kind of low and it hurts a wee bit. Just sayin…

The Obligatory First Post

This will be short and sweet. I lived and worked as a public librarian in Calgary for three years but decided to move back to Ontario to be closer to family. I am now working as a Children’s Librarian at Toronto Public Library.

The purpose of this blog will be the usual slice-of-life that the majority of blogs are about but I also hope to include any interesting information that I come across. After all, I am a librarian!