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Personal Ghostly Experiences: Pull Up Your Laptop and Have a Seat in Front of the Virtual Fire

In honour of Halloween, I thought I would stray from library stuff and offer up my personal supernatural experiences. The above photo is just for dramatic effect and is one of my favourite ghost photos…The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall taken in 1936. So, warm yourself  at the fire below…or maybe the laptop on your lap will be more effective!

I’ve been a believer in the supernatural for as long as I can remember. I used to long for a ghostly experience to prove myself right. I was in my 20’s when a friend and I moved into an apartment that was situated above a store on Queen Street West in Toronto. Right in the area of the photo seen below.

Queen Street West

Funny things started happening after we lived there for a short time…just little things. Some of my roommate’s belongings occasionally went missing (never to be found again) but never mine (weird!).  The one event that disturbed us the most involved the deadbolt on our front door, which was consistently found unlocked almost every morning. We had no explanation for this, particularly since I was a very light sleeper and always heard my roommate come home in the middle of the night and unlock that very door.

One day, we were hanging out in her room and we heard this enormous crash from the kitchen which sounded like someone taking the oven door and slamming it shut. When we ran to the kitchen, we could still hear the rungs inside the oven ringing. Even though we were both believers, we found ourselves making excuses for every unexplainable thing that happened (we must have left the oven door open and the wind came in the window and blew it shut – ha ha!).


One other experience I had occurred while visiting a couple’s apartment in Cabbagetown. I used to visit them every weekend and they had told me numerous times that the apartment was haunted. I went to the bathroom and shortly after I heard footsteps (I assumed one of my hosts was going into the bedroom next to the bathroom). When finished, I went to open the door but the doorknob wouldn’t turn. I thought that perhaps I had inadvertently locked the door and tried unlocking it but still the doorknob wouldn’t turn. I stood there for a few minutes trying to open the door, then lost my temper (enter appropriate expletive here) and immediately just opened the door! Of course I assumed one of my friends and been playing a trick on me but even when I quizzed one of them years later, his response was “that’s what they do. When you get angry, it’s not fun anymore”. And he finished by stating that it was most definitely the ghost that occasionally showed up in their apartment. Eep!

This was always difficult for me to accept as that experience was so physical (footsteps and something held the doorknob!) but I couldn’t find any other explanation. I have had more experiences than what I have described here but it would be far too tedious for you to read and for me to type (and much more fun to describe in person) :)

So, if anyone wants to share their own ghostly experiences, I would be thrilled to post it here! Listening to ghost stories is one of my favourite pastimes!


Happy Halloween!