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Oh Canada!

Today is Canada Day so I hope all Canadians have a great day off but also remember why we have a holiday in the first place. It’s not just a day off where we wave our flags and watch fireworks…it’s an important day in history. Yes, it is Canada’s birthday…because on July 1, 1867, the British North America Act (which we now call the Constitution Act, 1867) was enacted, which united the colonies into a single country called Canada.

One interesting fact (and one that I chose because I’m a bit of a Trekkie):

The original Star Trek owes much to Canada. Two of its stars – William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and James Doohan (Scotty) were Canadian. In the 1980s, Doohan’s unique interpretation of a Scottish accent led to the formation of the Scottyish Society at St Andrews University in Scotland. Members offered recitals of the poetry of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, in a “Scottyish” accent. http://www.canadafacts.org/

So, Happy Birthday Canada! Here’s my love letter to this beautiful country of ours:

Dear Canada,

I can’t remember when we first met. It’s more like I slowly came to recognize that you were in my life. I think I’ve taken you for granted at times…there have been times when I even thought of seeing others! Ireland has drawn me in at certain periods of my live. With her green fields and charming people. But, I always come back to you Canada. I think you know why I love you…I love your uniqueness! The shores of Halifax and the rolling countryside of Southern Ontario. The wide expanse of Saskatchewan and the mountains of Alberta. Yes, we’ve had our problems…sometimes I don’t like the men who try to run your life, but overall, Canada, I think you’re the best!