Books! My Other Favourite Subject! Let’s Do Librarians Again!

So, I did have a request for books featuring librarians…and being a librarian, I really should talk about books. In no particular order.

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series features a librarian who was magically transformed into an orangutan. The librarians in this series have magical powers…but don’t get too excited, the powers are only related to books and library work. Did you notice that the orangutan is wearing glasses?! Ah me…librarian’s in glasses we cannot escape (although many do wear glasses, I have to admit…rather sheepishly).

Kingsley Amis wrote That Uncertain Feeling which says on the cover, “the hilarious misadventures of a librarian in an out of love”. It’s a satirical look at a married Welsh librarian who has an affair with a local (and married) socialite. It was also made into a movie that starred Peter Sellers as the librarian.

Charlaine Harris is famous for her vampire novels featuring Sookie Stackhouse. She also wrote the Aurora Teagarden mystery series where the main character, Aurora “Roe” Teagarden, the local librarian, solves the crimes. Aurora is described as 4’11” and wears…glasses…yup!

Next is Richard Peck’s Here Lies the Librarian. This is the description from the book because I’m too lazy to retype it in my own words:

Peewee idolizes Jake, a big brother whose dreams of auto mechanic glory are fueled by the hard road coming to link their Indiana town and futures with the twentieth century. And motoring down the road comes Irene Ridpath, a young librarian with plans to astonish them all and turn Peewee’s life upside down.

I like the “shhh” on the headstone. I try so hard not to shush people :)

The Magic Tree House series written by Mary Pope Osbourne features Annie and Jack who travel through space and time and around the world on many adventures. Both of the kids become “Master Librarians” and gather books for Morgan Le Fay’s library.

The next book is The Time Traveler’s Wife which I loved! Written by Audrey Niffenegger it features the main character, Henry De Tamble, as a librarian in Chicago. He suffers from “Chrono Displacement” which makes him involuntarily jump through time. It was of course, made into a movie starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. One of the few books that made me cry…

Then we have Stephen King’s It. One of the main characters is Mike Hanlon, who is a librarian in the small town of Derry, Maine. Does he save the day? Not quite, but he is involved in one of the creepiest scenes that takes place in the library. It also features the creepiest/scariest clown you’ll ever read about. But we wont go there…

Next, I will give honourable mention to some manga/graphic novels that feature librarians.

The first is the Oracle from Batman, who is Barbara Gordon (who used to be Batgirl). She was paralysed thanks to the Joker and is now a savvy librarian.

Then we have Read or Die where Yomiko Readman works for the Library of England in search of rare and powerful books. What can I say? I love the title!

Lastly, we have the librarian Lucien from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman graphic novels. Lucien tends to The Dreaming’s library, where all the books that are dreamt of, but never written, are contained. I’ve always wanted to read these novels, particularly since I’m such a big fan of Neil Gaimans!

That’s it for now…again, there are many more books out there but this was meant to be a brief overview. I think I might explore T.V. next…


2 responses to “Books! My Other Favourite Subject! Let’s Do Librarians Again!

  1. Your blog kicks ass. Have you read “The Chosen”? There’s a pretty awesome Bookmobile Hero in it. I always love it when cool librarians make appearances in my books!

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